Cycling Experiences Facebook Page 100 Fans ~ A note of gratitude

FB 100 Fans

Thank you to my first 100 fans and we also have a “blog” presence on facebook as an extension of the Cycling Experiences… Blog.
Glad you are here! –jim

Team Rwanda ~ Rising From Ashes [The Trailer]

logoProjectRwanda Project RwandaRising From AshesThe story of Team Rwanda…. the movie, 5 years in the making will wrap up at the Tour of Rwanda.
          This is a movie I’ll watch.

Team Rwanda ~ Adrien wins the Rwanda National Championship



ProjectRwanda Project Rwanda

Update from Scott Nydam….Adrien wins the Rwanda National Championship (Tour of Kigali City), Gasore takes 2nd…

Congratulations to Adrien, he continues to make impressive showings.