In celebration of Year-2 [11/30/08 – 11/30/10]

anniversary-logoAnother year with has past. I’ve now been blogging since February 2006, beginning at with my VK2 Blog. Here is my first article. I will soon have 5 years of blogging. Two of those 5 at Now is the time to mark another anniversary and say thanks to my readers.

Last year we reviewed the top-10 stories as viewed by you. Thanks for an exciting year. I think year-three will be exciting as well. Glad you will follow along. –jim

Apple TV ~ Early experiences, 11/29

Apple TV 2I have a second generation Apple TV—ATV 2ATV2. So far, it seems to be a practical device and fun to to use when the networking/HomeShare works. AirPlay [the ability to play music [and later videos] is so cool.

That is, I’m able to select ATV2 at a computer with iTunes installed or my iPhone, with the Apple Remote App installed and hear the music from that system. iTunes TV, iTune & Netflix movies, Flickr pictures, YouTube,  and more can be streamed to the Apple TV.

It is functional enough that I hope to add more to my home system. The rub is HomeShare is NOT working on my main computer. I have tried everything I know to do as a computer tech. I am now working with Apple Technical Support to find a solution for this problem. It is one that is well documented as a consumer experience.  I wish it were one I did not have.

I am hopeful.

iPhone + SlingPlayer + SlingBox Pro HD = HDTV on the go

SlingPlayer MobileI can now catch live TV as if I were home on my iPhone 4. For that matter also on my laptop but I have no practical reason to do so because a HDTV is in the same room. SlingPlayer Mobile is an app that allows one to watch and control their home TV and DVR on their iPhone or iPod Touch when connected over 3G or Wi-Fi to a Slingbox SOLO or PRO-HD. As apps go, it is expensive, but functional and highly rated, at $29.99. It is working very well for me.

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Cycling Experiences… ~ My "BlogSpot"

My workstation 11/27

From this spot, I get to interact with many readers from around the world and share some of my activities. This is a busy little corner. I’m enjoying my 28″ HD LCD Display. At a resolution of 1200 x 1920—portrait mode, I get to see lot of information on the screen in a single page. In landscape mode, it is ready for HD DVDs, pictures, Apple TV, etc. The computer photo in the lower right corner is one of my backup laptop and the PC I use for SCEPTER—the little hand-truck you see. {See individual pictures in this flickr set.}

Tour of Rwanda, 2010 ~ Final General Classification

Tour of Rwanda
  TOR Final General Classification Header  
TOR Final General Classification Body
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Thanksgiving 2010 Entrée ~ Prime Rib/Crown Roast ~ It was GOOD!


Dinner is served. Glad you could join us. The cranberry sauce was added after the pictures.
{click to enlarge}

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Thanksgiving 2010 Entrée ~ Prime Rib/Crown Roast

Earlier you saw what I was about to cook. It is now done [after pics] and sits resting. Are you ready to eat???

CRW_1967.CRW Prime Rib, cooked to a meat temp of just over 140-degrees

{click image to enlarge}