AR.Drone & GoPro ~ Tit-for-Tat [video of the drone, mit GoPro]

AR.Drone & GoPro Flt Test [outdoor hull]  

These were staged [non-flying] photos to show how the drone will [I hoped] carry my GoPro Hero Camera and how a second GoPro will capture the flight. Two points: 1) There are many videos that show the drone in flight with a GP Cam, but none mounted as my camera is; and, 2) Instead on my standard tripod [pictured], I used a Gorillapod.


Now we have reality, captured by the Gorillapod mounted GoPro Camera. Even with a “top-heavy” AR.Drone carrying a 117.4 gram camera, the drone is fairly agile. OTOH, there were some instance of involuntary yaw. This test was to ensure the center of gravity allows the drone to fly and that I can control it with the iPhone. That test was passed. I still have a preference for the indoor hull for videos & pictures.