AR.Drone First Flights Pictures @ Flickr


Browse pictures of my drone in flight in this flickr set. Thanks!  –jim

AR.Drone & GoPro ~ Evaluating FlightRecord ~ Session #1

GOPR1290My control of the drone [using the FlightRecord App from All About Jake] seems not to have changed from using the FreeFlight App from Parrot. The video I recorded is okay, but not worth showing here. The 15fps frame-rate and my fast flying detract from a quality video. That is one reason I plan to use the GoPro on the AR.Drone. My time for testing is coming. In the meantime, I’m having a blast capturing the drone in flight with my tripod mounted GP—Gorillapod added yesterday. The camera is just inches above the ground—no bumps or bounces today. The experience is absolutely fun! Here you go

GOPR1410 GOPR1407 GOPR1371
GOPR1299 GOPR1409 GOPR1402
GOPR1301 GOPR1408 GOPR1270

Tit-for-Tat Test Sessions