AR.Drone ~ "My Drone Won’t Take Off"

004.CRWWell, I experienced that [to my surprise] after replacing the bushings in my AR.Drone with bearings as described in this blog article. It looks simple. It is simple; but, one must be careful. I thought I was being so, but discovered that I had apparently made a mistake along the way—my drone would no longer take off. “My birdie would not fly.” I tried everything:

  • Reset the drone
  • Returned to default settings
  • Flat trimmed multiple times
  • Tried both hulls
  • Recharged battery
  • Disconnected battery
  • Check the position and rotation of the gearing and propellers. The 4 seem the same. I find nothing to slow the left-side down.
  • Checked connections of all boards
  • Waited overnight
  • Tried all the available apps
  • Replace the bearings with the original bushings
  • Switched propellers [to left for two right]

About 14 hours later [this morning]—the problem persist. I opened an thread on Ar.Drone Flyers Forum and continued my research, using the Internet. At this point, I surmised I had a propeller problem and did not know how to sort it out. The answers seemed to all come at once—the forum and a key Internet point-of-contact. Without asking “where are the markings.” I found a “A” on two props and a “C” on the other two. I then found a drawing with these letters adjacent to the props. I took that as a map of how things should be. Here is a picture of my drone, top shell removed, with the letter mapping as I saw it. BTW, the “A” stands for “anticlockwise” and the “C” for “clockwise,” as in rotation. The propellers should be mounted as follow: motor 1: “C” motor 2: “A” motor 3: “C” motor 4: “A”.

CRW_1901.CRW rotated

Now, if I had looked again at the  “Replace AR.Drone propellers, shafts & gears video,” I may have saved myself grief. Actually, I viewed it [and all of the Parrot Repair Videos] before. My thinking cap was elsewhere.

jimartis cleanedNow, if I had replace one set of bushings at a time and put the prop back, this could have NEVER happened. So much for trying a more efficient way [for me]. I carefully laid to props aside so that I could put them back as they were. Well, that did not work. I switched at least two of them. Oh well, I ‘m flying again. I hope this article serves a purpose for another flyer. Thanks to the forum members for their help. Happy flying…

Author: jalexartis

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22 thoughts on “AR.Drone ~ "My Drone Won’t Take Off"”

    1. …and computers Wayne. I learned a lot since 1980 about patience in the face of computers with no universal OS and then the growing pains of the Microsoft experience. Thanks to my kids, born years before, I was prepared for that experience. Now, I’m really ready…

      Thanks and be blessed.



  1. Remind me to keep you away while I change my spark plugs and associated wires: “the car seems to buck more than usual ….” 8)



  2. I had the same problem after changing gears and shafts….like it was stuck to the ground and would not take off…. Guess et makes sence that the props would be marked..It wasent mentioned in the book which chould be corrected.!! Glad i saw your post Were back in the air !! Thanks


  3. I can only say thank you so much! The A C thing had never occurred to me and after nearly ordering a new drone I am up and running.


  4. I replaced my cross section followed a video and also put the carbon props on my AR 2.0 and mine is acting like its stuck on the ground too. but they are on correctly it seems. i looked at the rotation the motors made and blades and its left front c right front a back l c back r a is that correct?


  5. Thanks alot for your guide! it was all i needed, found it via google 🙂 Thanks of ur guide i got my drone flying again!, otherwise i was thinking about a spoiled engine 😛

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