AR.Drone ~ FlightRecord ~ Version 1.1 is available, 10/25

FlightRecordNot bad! We learned 10/21 on AR.Drone Flyers that this update would be coming soon and I announced it here the next day. Four days from the original announcement to the update is available for down load is good. I know for some, it seemed like an eternity. Well, go get it folks!!!

Happy flying and video recording.


AR.Drone ~ Too wet to fly, 10/25 @ 2:55 p.m. EDT

doppler1-640x480I’m fortunate to have gotten in a earlier flight, with both the outdoor and indoor shell.  I have more drift with the outdoor shell. I also carried the GoPro on top—not as stable.

The most controllable and enjoyable so far has been flying with the indoor shell. I need more space for the outdoor shell. I tested the GoPro camera taking pictures. It was okay. I need to fly directly at the camera and over it for the best shots. I want to do that today, but the weather has me on hold. I did switch bearings for bushings.

AR.Drone & GoPro ~ Tit-for-Tat

009.CRWWhat better way to capture this birdie in flight [with a GoPro Camera on board] than to use a second GoPro on a tripod set to record pictures or video. I plan to shoot pictures [interesting ones, I hope] versus videos, [there is a big difference in processing time] although I’ll get video footage also. I worked with the camera mounted on a helmet and decided against it because of blur due to my movement; however, it will work for video. Anyway, these imagines give you some idea of the potential.

001.CRW 002.CRW 003.CRW
So, there you have it. I have several picture modes from GoPro. I can use the single-shot mode [I press the shutter release]; the triple-shot mode[again, I press the shutter release]; or, a photo every “x” seconds, where I specify the frequency. My options are: every 2, 5, 10, 30, or 60 seconds. I will use the interval mode. I just have to determine the optimal frequency. I do not want to miss anything, nor do I want to be overburdened with picture processing.

Sample Tit-for-Tat Pictures Sessions