AR.Drone ~ My "Video Truck" ~ Top Mode

First, I live to fly another day. YES! I had 2 flying excursions today. Tomorrow, I’ll fly with the outside hull, outside. I’m no pro, but the drone seems responsive and ready for me to go to the next level. The faster I feel comfortable or at least willing to take the risk, the sooner I can capture pictures and video from my “Video Truck.”

My cycling followers know I setup up my cycles to facilitate different riding needs, lite, touring, speed, etc. That being that case, why not do the same with this AR.Drone. Well, As I count them, I now have 6 modes:
1) Indoor Mode; 2) Outdoor Mode; 3) Stilt Mode; 4) Pillar Mode; 5) VT Bottom Mode; & 6) VT Top Mode. If you are into acronyms, that’s 1) IM; 2) OM; 3) SM; 4) PM; 5) VTBM; & 6) VTTM.

CRW_1856.CRWI’ll get pictures tomorrow of the OM [no camera on top]. Today, here are pictures of my GoPro Hero mounted on top of my AR.Drone. This was my fallback option. I’ve implemented it because it gives me additional flexibility, although we will see some drone in the frame, there may be times I want that effect. Plus, I think this position will work better for side shots. So, here is the Video Truck, Top Mode [VTTM]: {click on any image to enlarge}