AR.Drone ~ My Day-One Flying Experiences…

These as I posted the at the AR.Drone Flyer’s Forum: 


11:05 a.m. EDT

Re: My Video Truck [a way to use an AR.Drone w/a GoPro Camera

rcpilot wrote: Are you getting yaw problems??
I noticed today my drone lets go when flying fast
ie the direction does not hold like the tail letting go on a heli

I just completed my first flight and exhausted the battery. My initial flight was a lot of hovering and maneuvers in a small area to become familiar with the drone’s response to the controls. No noted yaw problems, but fast is yet to come. So far, everything is well. No crashes…


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iPhone Cycling App ~ EveryTrail version 4.3

EveryTrail Logo EveryTrail Pro Logo
What’s New in Version 4.3

Lots of great new stuff:
– Audio guides (these are super cool, check out the free Mt. Diablo
Guide as an example)
– Customize your posts to Twitter & Facebook
– Posts to Facebook are now enhanced with a nifty little map of your
trip right in the feed
– Stats cell in Trip Details screen now updates in real-time when
tracking a trip
– Activity indicator is more visible in the Navigation Bar when
searching for and loading trips
– Fixes for some OpenStreetMaps display and refresh issues
– Lots of small optimizations and bug fixes


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AR.Drone ~ FlightRecord ~ Version 1.1 soon

FlightRecorder icon

Yesterday, Symon, Administrator, AR.Drone Flyers, announced FlightRecord 1.1 coming soon and gave a link to the developer’s [All About Jake] site.

Soon, I’ll have first-hand experience with the various AR.Drone apps. Tonight, I loaded each. They all communicate with my drone. I’m ready for take off; but, flying is for later.

Now, what does Jake have in store for us? He list 16 features for the update.

Thanks Jake for the video preview.