AR.Drone ~ My "Video Truck" Progress Report, 10/20

CRW_1792.CRWIt has been a reasonably productive day, although I wanted to get pictures up showing the camera location and sample video. That did not happen, but will likely occur tomorrow.

  • My blog day began with taking pictures of the circuit boards—posted the here.
  • last night I anchored the 1/4″ bolt to connect the tripod mount to the drone. It seems secure.

  • I also place an ID tag in the drone should it find its way someplace without me.
  • This morning, I added support to the anchor so the the camera is not likely to fall from the sky.
  • Mounted the camera and began test shooting.
  • Moved the battery forward 1.5″ to counter-balance the camera. If the center of balance is the down camera, I have a balanced drone. I have read of the battery crashing through to underlying circuit boards on crashes. Positioned as I have it, that cannot happen. The battery is secured in place with industrial strength Velcro and has the body of the hull to keep a crash through from occurring.
  • First videos—the belly of the drone and the two front legs show in the frame.
  • Solved the belly of the drone showing by tilting the camera more toward the ground. That works, plus the drone’s front camera is there for dead-ahead shots.
  • I spent the next 10 hours trying to get the legs, particularly the left leg [the side of the camera the lens is on] out of the frame. I tried many ideas. There is not the support needed for stable legs attached to the factory struts.
  • About an hour ago, I arrived at a solution that will work. I’ll extend a rod across the front struts and beyond to attach a shorten version of my stilts. Doing it this way will hold the stilts in place. At least it should. I can then extend them as far as I need. I’ll go to my hobby shop and pick up a 36″ length of spring wire of the size I need. I’m working with 1/8″ bicycle fender struts. At the end of the day, I have a camera frame with nothing from the drone in it. It took a long time, but was worth the time and effort. I’m keeping a watch on the weight being added.

There you have it. I expect more tangible results tomorrow. Please stay tuned. Thanks! –jim

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

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