AR.Drone ~ Elevated & Cushioned, by Sailman, 10/18

We have seen “Elevated & Cushioned” before. I used the term in describing Jörg modding to raise his drone and soften its landing. Well, Sailman, also of the German Forum,, has a different approach. He uses “oil springs” to elevate his AR.Drone and cushion its landing. Let’s take a look:


Sailman uses shock absorbers for radio controlled [RC] cars. He tells me they work for him. Now, if I can find them in black…

Author: jalexartis

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4 thoughts on “AR.Drone ~ Elevated & Cushioned, by Sailman, 10/18”

    1. Hi Zeke,

      Yes, they do. I just picked up 4 to see what I can make of them. Initial weight is about 15 grans each. I do some mods. Maybe I can trim a gram or so. Total anticipated weight is well under the 237-gram lift capacity. So far, my plan does not have a stopper. Thanks!



    1. I think also know as the spring-wire option that Jörg uses. I am not using it because the wire would be in the frame. The exclusion is here. As we test by flying, other options are added and others still set aside. The current drone is not robust and adjustment as needed for stable flying. Several flyers are attacking the goal from different perspectives. Please stay tuned…



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