AR.Drone ~ Elevated & Cushioned, by Sailman, 10/18

We have seen “Elevated & Cushioned” before. I used the term in describing Jörg modding to raise his drone and soften its landing. Well, Sailman, also of the German Forum,, has a different approach. He uses “oil springs” to elevate his AR.Drone and cushion its landing. Let’s take a look:


Sailman uses shock absorbers for radio controlled [RC] cars. He tells me they work for him. Now, if I can find them in black…

AR.Drone ~ DroneControl ~ What’s Up, 10/17?

DroneControlDo you wonder what’s in store [no pun intended] for the next version of an iPhone App? I certainly do! Wonder no more—at least as far as Tommy Kammerer’s DroneControl. Yesterday, on the Ar.Drone Flyers Forum Thread, Tommy told us, through screen captures and words what we will see in the next version—and you just got v1.2.1. Thanks Mr. ARTommy for the sneak preview of version 1.3: {click to enlarge}

dronecontrol_11 dronecontrol_13 dronecontrol_17 dronecontrol_18
dronecontrol_19 dronecontrol_14 dronecontrol_15 dronecontrol_20

Tommy says:

Team Rwanda in Moab, Utah, USA ~ 2007