AR.Drone [Orange & Blue] ~ My turn [I hope…]

Amazon AR.DroneI’d say it is about time. I place an order with 09/08 for next day delivery. On 09/10, I received notice of a delay to 09/21-09/29. On 09/29, I was promised delivery 09/30. It did not happen. I cancelled the order because I had other commitments that required the dollars I had set aside for the drone—call them GoPros. [I have 2] for coverage of the Maria Parker World Record Reset effort. She did just that, beating her old record. I got usable video footage. My hope was that I’d get some aerial video. That has had to go on hold because I have no drone. Now, I’m in better position to make the purchase. As I write, I prefer to do so from first-hand experiences [The magic day is to bet Tuesday, 10/19]. I’ll soon be about the business of integrating this “video truck” with my cycling. I ask again, please stay tuned…

Author: jalexartis

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6 thoughts on “AR.Drone [Orange & Blue] ~ My turn [I hope…]”

  1. Doing the responsible thing–just in case.

    My If lost label

    Recorded my Serial No. Here is the SN code

    Px72000xAx??? will be the first few characters in it:
    x#1 is the market location
    x#2 indicates color
    x#3 indicates original main board revision. It will either be A, B, or D
    ? other characters


  2. Gave the drone power for the first time tonight. All systems are working–5 Green LEDs. The drone’s firmware was updated to 1.3.3. No problems with the WiFi connection or software. I did not start an in house flying session. I am going slow and deliberate. I think many now owners rush to fly their new toy. For me, it will be a work machine that I fly to get the job done. –jim


    1. I also connected to the drone with the other 4 apps I have–no problem with either. I plan to hover and familiarize myself with the controls and how the drone respond, giving my settings. I may get several flights in. I am anxious to get the prelims out of the way, son that I can get to video flights, but no rush–slow and deliberate, I am.


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