AR.Drone [Orange & Blue] ~ My turn [I hope…]

Amazon AR.DroneI’d say it is about time. I place an order with 09/08 for next day delivery. On 09/10, I received notice of a delay to 09/21-09/29. On 09/29, I was promised delivery 09/30. It did not happen. I cancelled the order because I had other commitments that required the dollars I had set aside for the drone—call them GoPros. [I have 2] for coverage of the Maria Parker World Record Reset effort. She did just that, beating her old record. I got usable video footage. My hope was that I’d get some aerial video. That has had to go on hold because I have no drone. Now, I’m in better position to make the purchase. As I write, I prefer to do so from first-hand experiences [The magic day is to bet Tuesday, 10/19]. I’ll soon be about the business of integrating this “video truck” with my cycling. I ask again, please stay tuned…

AR.Drone ~ DroneControl App, v1.2.1 Update, 10/16

AR.Drone app are dynamic—yesterday, AR.PowerFlight is updated. Today, Tommy Kammerer’s update to DroneContro is at the APP Store for your download and use. The screenshot to the left shows a partial listing of the changes in this update.

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AR.Drone ~ AR.PowerFlight 1.0.1 ~ Update from Max Bäumle

IMG_0170 IMG_0171

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