AR.Drone ~ a video "truck" ~ a collage, 10/14

The third time is a charm. I hope!


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Cycling Experiences… Blog ~ 200K Milestone, October 14, 2010

Small ImageYes, it has happened [5:33 a.m. EDT] and this 100,000 pageviews 54 days earlier than the 100K Milestone was reached last December 7th. Thanks to you, my readers, for your interest in this blog. A special thanks to my AR.Drone Quadcopter readers who have definitely given a lift [no pun intended] over the last several weeks.

Before the Maria Parker ride of October 1, 2010, the projected date was around 11/06. With that event and the AR.Drone interest, you began to push the projected date back to today. Take a look at the last 30 days.

The last 30 days

My goal for year-three is to maintain a pageview average over 300 PVs per day. I stated that goal when the average daily PVs was 285 and that was the end of September. That daily average is now 293. We are only 7 points away from my goal. Once we are at 300 average daily pageviews, I’ve got to raise the average and then maintain it. I look to your valued readership to respond to my publishing efforts. Again, many thanks for all that you have done for this blog, cycling, and technology. I enjoy mixing in my photographic interest. I see an intriguing future, given the AR.Drone as an aerial photo/video platform. Please stay tuned. THANKS!!! –jim

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