Parrot AR.Drone Controllers ~ iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

AR.Drone LogoParrot says :

First quadcopter that can be controlled by an iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad

Thanks to its on-board Wi-Fi system, you can control the Parrot AR.Drone using an iPhone®, iPod Touch®, or an iPad®. It was initially designed for the Apple platforms and will be also available on other platforms in the next few months.

Well, there is great anticipation for control of the drone by Android devices.

Actually, I see the “when android” question quite frequently on the Parrot facebook wall. Parrot says “will be also available on other platforms in the next few months.” Maybe by the holiday season is my thought.

What about a laptop?

I don’t think that is the kind of platform most of us are thinking of. Well, I have found an innovator who can fly his AR.Drone from his laptop. Interesting…

The video is by My AR.Drone. Guess what? I also find him at [the German Forum]. I suspected it.

‘Bentrider Online Forums [BROL] ~ Bryan changes the Front Page

I saw this in the thread titled Front Page Changes. Bryan Ball, ‘BentRider Managing Editor, says:

Front Page Changes

I’ve rearranged and cleaned up some stuff on the front page’s right hand column. I moved the Search box to the top, made the archives a bit easier to navigate and added RSS feeds for Recumbent Blog, Recumbent Journal and Cycling Experiences. This is the first step to a pretty significant site overhaul.

Before you ask… Yes we’re working on making that top frame smaller but it will be another couple of weeks.

I think your changes help the BROL Front Page Layout. We welcome a smaller top frame. Now, we wonder what the other changes will be. Patiently, we wait. Thanks for the RSS Feed. I think they will help the blogs you are getting feeds from. –-jim

BROl Frontpage as of 10/13

Fargo ~ the cage update, 10/13

IMG_0416We have not forgotten my quadricycle, Fargo. Last I posted, Ashley had just received, 09/09, the cage for modification to reduce weight and a few other adjustments. He is still working at it. Yesterday, he share his thoughts:

We are going to completely redesign the cage.

I’d like to come back to a point with an integrated tail fin.

Still have cargo room in the back though.

Making it split down is going to be tough as we want to keep it as light as possible and any junctions need bracing although we are working on some ideas.

Ashley Guy
Utah Trikes

I stand ready the see what he comes up with. This time, there is absolutely no hurry. Thanks Ashley!

Cycling Experiences… Blog ~ The 200K Milestone

Small Image

If you notice [I watch] pageviews, the first digit will soon roll over to the one that follows. That is a major milestone—thresh hole, if you will, for this blog. Last year it was not until December 7th that we reached the 100K mark, This year, it is faster. I’m thinking tomorrow. OTOH, if I publish something real interesting, maybe by midnight, tonight. As of this post, we are 322 PVs away. Thanks for your interest and continued support. Stay tuned…

Team Rwanda ~ 19th Commonwealth Games ~ Men’s Individual Time Trail Results, 10/13 ~ CONGRATULATIONS Adrien!!!

logo Adrien

ProjectRwanda Project Rwanda Adrien was 18th today out of 64 participants in the Time Trial at the Commonwealth Games…1st Black African by a…


Team Rwanda ~ 19th Commonwealth Games, Adrien’s Time Trial

logoNice bike! What a ride that must have been. I look forward to seeing Team Rwanda in their next event. You guys are really coming along on the world stage. I am quite proud of you and your accomplishments. Thanks! –jim

Adrien's Time Trial Bike 69860_445416776134_27990066134_5794237_4877063_n 68761_445416826134_27990066134_5794239_3554620_n