AR.Drone ~ Parrot FreeFlight App v1.5.1 Update

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Chilean miners rescued, October 12 & 13, 2010

  Flag of Chile

Florencio Avalos, 23:07 10/12 Edison Peña, 09:13, 10/13 Carlos Bugueno, 16:34 10/13
Mario Sepulveda, 00:10 10/13 Carlos Barrios, 9:55 10/13 Jose Henriquez, 16:5910/13
Juan Illanes, 01:08 10/13 Victor Zamora, 10:28 10/13 Renan Avalos, 17:25 10/13
Carlos Mamani, 02:10 10/13 Víctor Segovia 11:08 10/13 Claudio Acuna, 17:52 10/13
Jimmy Sanchez 03:09 10/13 Daniel Herrera, 11:51 10/13 Franklin Lobos, 18:19 10/13
Osmán Araya, 04:33 10/13 Omar Reygadas, 12:40 10/13 Richard Villarroel, 18:46 10/13
José Ojeda, 05:22 10/13 Esteban Rojas, 13:39 10/13 Juan Carlos Aguilar, 19:14 10/13
Claudio Yáñez, 06:03 10/13 Pablo Rojas, 14:28 10/13 Raul Bustos, 19:37 10/13
Mario Gomez, 07:00 10/13 Dario Segovia, 14:59 10/13 Pedro Cortez, 20:03 10/13
Alex Vega, 07:52 10/13 Yonni Barrios, 15:33 10/13 Ariel Ticona, 20:28 10:13
Jorge Galleguillos, 08:32 10/13 Samuel Avalos, 16:06 10/13 Luis Urzua, 20:58 10/13

The best to the miners, their family and friends, and to the rescuers. [times are EDT]
See this CNN video for a gallery of each of the 33 rescues.

AR.Drone ~ Replacement Ball Bearings, recommended by Zenocha


The AR.Drone Flyers Forum is active and very useful. Member Zenocha replaced his drone brass bushings with ball bearings from

He even gave us a guide to follow to replace the original bushings. Symon, the board, administrator, has made Zenocha’s guide accessible from the Main Menu.

I placed a link in the Ball Bearing Guide  Thread to the video on the right as a complement to Zenocha’s guide.

I placed an order for 10 ball bearings 10/05 and received them today, 10/12.  I’ll be all set when I finally get an AR.Drone. Well, I need extra batteries and replacement parts, etc.

AR.Drone ~ LiPo Battery Chargers from

photo-258-ab868776I asked Brandon of which of his chargers does he recommend for the 1300mAH LiPo Battery I wrote about yesterday. He gives 2 recommendations. Babacksh of AR.Drone Flyers Forum makes a recommendation of a 3rd LiPo charger to consider. Here are their recommend chargers from lowest to highest cost. The first two, recommended by Brandon and the third by Babacksh.

7_33 7_11 Hyperion_Charger_EOS0720i_NET3_AD_Product_medium

Hyperion EOS0606i DC Balance Charger @ $79.99

Hyperion EOS0606i AC/DC Balance Charger @ $109.99

Hyperion EOS0720iNET3 AC/DC Balance Charger @ $179.99

There you have it for an RC battery and recommended chargers from No endorsement—just sharing information. –jim

AR.Drone + GoPro Hero ~ Proof Positive

Maybe, the AR.Drone is a mighty little beast.

This vid shows it lifting a lot of weight [I get the weight later]. I think more than my 170 grams and I have a plan to lighten my design even more.

My plan is beneath [so you see no drone] and damoncb’s mounting is above.

What happens at the end of this vid?


Cruzbike Vendetta ~ Prototype to Production


large_IMG_43491024768 large_IMG_43461024768 large_DSCN00611024768

Okay, you have John Tolhurst mods for a faster Vendetta [Cruzbike Vendetta ~ Its future, by John Tolhurst, 10/09 & Cruzbike Vendetta ~ More on Its future from John Tolhurst, 10/10]; but, did you catch his production plan:

Now you have my design agenda for the Vendetta, as we go from the last rolling prototype into the first production run. I’ll be limiting production numbers at first in case there are any items that we have to rework.

So, will your Vendetta be in the first production run??? I want one…