AR.Drone ~ Most Favorite Pictures ~ by I. Eisenschneider


I have seen some really cool AR.Drone photographs. Maybe I should begin a gallery of my favorites. This picture is certainly among them. Hobelraeuber from has posted his gallery of pictures to the forum and has granted me permission to publish and share this picture with you. Thanks Hobelraeuber and thanks to the photographer for such beautiful pictures. You tagged it as “spoiled by the sun”. I think the sun rays make it more special. I trust my readers will also enjoy it.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

8 thoughts on “AR.Drone ~ Most Favorite Pictures ~ by I. Eisenschneider”

    1. Maybe, if you are good [and you always are] you may get one in your stocking for Christmas. Even us “seniors” see the fun potential [and utility, of course]. I see fantastic photo opportunities of it and it of everything else. I look forward to the challenge. Thanks! –jim


    1. Hello Andy,

      It has been awhile. I see you are in Missouri now and still have a trike wheel problem. I hope your riding neighbor is able to help.

      As to the picture: I do not have the right to give that permission. Feel free to contact the photographer. She is German and can be contacted through the German forum [link above]. You will have to use Google translate to communicate, less you speak German. I had to do the same to get permission to use the picture.

      In the meantime, please link to this article. If I were the photographer, then I have the right. Sorry.

      Best regards,



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