AR.Drone ~ AR.PowerFlight Lite ~ New from Max Bäumle


Like Parrot’s FreeFlight, this app is free. Hey, AR.PowerFlight is only $0.99. I found the lite version today as I browsed the App Store. You are among the first to know. Full version information.

Limitations compared to full version:

  • Snapshots only with an interval of 60 seconds
  • no “Swipe for instant”
  • no logging for later analysis
  • no optimization for Retina Display
  • iAds
PowerFlight lite Icon

Check it out! THANKS Max!

AR.Drone PowerFlight Lite Screenshot

AR.Drone ~ Most Favorite Pictures ~ by I. Eisenschneider


I have seen some really cool AR.Drone photographs. Maybe I should begin a gallery of my favorites. This picture is certainly among them. Hobelraeuber from has posted his gallery of pictures to the forum and has granted me permission to publish and share this picture with you. Thanks Hobelraeuber and thanks to the photographer for such beautiful pictures. You tagged it as “spoiled by the sun”. I think the sun rays make it more special. I trust my readers will also enjoy it.

AR.Drone ~ LiPo Battery Replacement from

MaxAmps,com now sells [$49.99] a 1300mAH LiPo Battery replacement for the Parrot stock battery for the AR.Drone. From all that I have read, I think several of these will be in my kit. –jim

They say:

photo-258-ab868776This is a high-performance LiPo battery pack for the Parrot AR.Drone. The perfect upgrade from the stock pack, this pack boasts a large capacity of 1300mah for 30% more flight time. It features a 90C rating for tons of punch and extra power. Like all batteries, this pack is 100% waterproof and comes with a 3-year warranty! Pack includes Align balance connector and small Tamiya female plug so you can charge it with your stock wall charger, or upgrade to a hobby-grade charger for faster charge times.

  • 3-year 300-cycle guarantee
  • 1300mah capacity
  • 3-cell 11.1 volts
  • True 90C rating
  • 5C fast charge capable
  • 100% waterproof
  • Built today with factory fresh cells
  • Built with genuine 16awg Deans Ultra wire
  • We add the connectors and balancing taps for you
  • 66mm x 35mm x 22mm, 102g

Perfect battery pack for your Parrot AR Drone.  Get up to 30% more flight time than the stock 1000mah pack.


AR.Drone ~ Elevated & Cushioned, by AR.Pilot, 10/11


AR.Pilot [Jörg] from the German Forum [] has been “modding” and “re-modding” his light-weight drone with the spider legs.

I showed you a picture earlier.

Well, his creation has evolved. Jörg calls it the “Minimal-Mod – Evo 3 -Parrot/AR.Drone.”

Now you have it with lights and all, plus it flies.

Thanks for sharing!


Team Rwanda ~ 19th Commonwealth Games ~ Road Race, Adrien


Team Rwanda The You Tube video of Adrien in yesterday’s breakaway….unfortunately, he had a mechanical but great to see him hang with the big boys


Bio from facebook