Team Rwanda ~ 19th Commonwealth Games ~ Road Race Finals


Team Rwanda Final stats/results of today’s CG Road Race: 130 participants/ 52 finishers/ Nathan Byukensenge, Team Rwanda, #33 and first black African in the race! Abraham #51. Adrien led in first group for several laps before having a mechanical. October 13th is the Time Trial.

There you have the results from the teams facebook wall. Congratulations to Team Rwanda. –jim

AR.Drone ~ Outdoor Mode Transport Box, by Docus

Here is another item from the German AR.Drone Forum []. The case, is called a cage by its German creator, Docus. If you have a “classy” drone, it deserves to be transported first-class. Thanks Docus! Pretty cool AR.Drone also [worthy of such a case, err cage]. Drone_in_black

The Docus Cage

AR.Drone ~ A more stable base made of carbon ~ ready to ship


I  know several of you will buy Topper [Micha, a.k.a. Michael’s] carbon fiber base that I introduced in this article. The first batch is ready to be mailed.

You can order by emailing Michael using the address he placed in the comments section of my first article on this plate.

I have ordered two.


Micha’s comments from his thread on the German Forum-translated to English

Team Rwanda ~ 19th Commonwealth Games ~ Road Race


I’m taking the absence of posts on Team Rwanda as some type of disappointment. If that is so, that is regrettable. I know the race is over and 52 of 133 cyclist finished. I have found nothing on Team Rwanda. There is a “surprise” winner. Here is NDTV’s lead in to their piece:

Aussies Davis, Gilmore claim road cycling gold medals

Press Trust of India, Updated: October 10, 2010 19:22 IST

New Delhi: Australia’s Allan Davis and Rochelle Gilmore on Sunday took the Commonwealth Games road cycling by storm and grabbed the men’s and women’s gold medals in spectacular fashion.

The men’s 168km race turned out to be a nerve-wracking one as world championship bronze medalist Davis sneaked home ahead of the rest which included pre-race favorite Mark Cavendish of Isle of Man who ended up a poor seventh.

Read the remainder of the story here

Cruzbike Vendetta ~ More on Its future from John Tolhurst, 10/10


large_IMG_43491024768 large_IMG_43461024768 large_DSCN00611024768

In the BROL comment I quoted yesterday, John stated:

The aim was to make a bike respecting those criteria that was 10% faster than Silvio. It turns out 7% faster than Silvio, which means it is about 24% more energy efficient. The prototype Maria was riding did leave a little on the table, that is, there are one or two things I’ll be doing to make the production version faster. Maybe another 1% faster, or something like that.

I highlighted the tease. I’ll tell you that John is surprised he was not asked how he intends to do that. Well, I asked him via email and here is what he says.

How get another 1% increase in speed from the Vendatta