Cruzbike Vendetta ~ Its future, by John Tolhurst, 10/09

VendettaI’m recognizing some criteria that are shaping the result pretty strongly, which might not be apparent.

  1. dual 700c wheels
  2. road bike level components
  3. high(ish) rider height because a lot of people like that
  4. alloy construction for economy and the ability to mass produce
  5. compact overall length

Its the best I can do given those criteria, which by the way, are intended to make this bike usable, practical and affordable.

If we went to one-off carbon fiber construction and stuck the rider way low down, then I guess it would be faster and lighter. But it wouldn’t be such a complex design problem.

The aim was to make a bike respecting those criteria that was 10% faster than Silvio. It turns out 7% faster than Silvio, which means it is about 24% more energy efficient. The prototype Maria was riding did leave a little on the table, that is, there are one or two things I’ll be doing to make the production version faster. Maybe another 1% faster, or something like that.

What no one’s seen evidence of yet is how it climbs, lb. for lb. I think when that does come to light people will be pleasantly surprised.

The other design criteria that is often overlooked is to make a bike that exploits the conditioning one has after riding a road bike for decades. It does that exceptionally well.

Anyway, well done to Maria, she slotted away another great ride and everyone at Cruzbike is very proud.

News does not get much hotter than this. Just posted on BROL a few minutes ago. Thanks John. –jim

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