AR.Drone ~ a video "truck" ~ a collage, 10/09


Extended Landing Gear & GoPro Hero, in wait of a Parrot AR.Drone Quadcopter—just a few shots.

Team Rwanda ~ The 19th Commonwealth Games, Delhi, India



Tomorrow is the big day, October 10, 2010, the Road Race. Time trials run October 13th.


Cruzbike Vendetta ~ Its future, by John Tolhurst, 10/09

VendettaI’m recognizing some criteria that are shaping the result pretty strongly, which might not be apparent.

  1. dual 700c wheels
  2. road bike level components
  3. high(ish) rider height because a lot of people like that
  4. alloy construction for economy and the ability to mass produce
  5. compact overall length

Its the best I can do given those criteria, which by the way, are intended to make this bike usable, practical and affordable.

If we went to one-off carbon fiber construction and stuck the rider way low down, then I guess it would be faster and lighter. But it wouldn’t be such a complex design problem.

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AR.Drone ~ a video "truck" ~ a step closer

Yesterday, 10/08, I received my Extended Landing Gear [ELG] and began adapting the Pan & Tilt Device [P&TD] I built earlier. I decided to modify [rebuild] the P&TD to more easily connect it to the ELG and reduce weight—now at 170 grams versus the 195 grams discussed earlier. The mod also makes the P&TD more secure. I do not have to worry about my camera falling from the sky.

CRW_1765.CRWI placed a bar [a piece of fender stay] just under the front legs of the ELG. To it, I placed a clamp the provides for panning and tilting by loosening the nut and moving it up/down and left/right. I do not think I’ll need much movement. To hold the GoPro Camera, I used a waterproof case back with industrial Velcro inside and on the camera back. I’ll place reflective tape on the back to hide the insides. It looks good.

The question remains, will this work with an AR.Drone Quadricycle? I’ve saved 25 grams and plan for more as I finish this setup and modify the drone. Now, if I only had my drone to fit the ELG to it. Maybe, by the end of this month.

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