Maria Parker ~ Vendetta Century ~ My GoPro On to Turn #3 Video

Author: jalexartis

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4 thoughts on “Maria Parker ~ Vendetta Century ~ My GoPro On to Turn #3 Video”

  1. I thought your readers might enjoy this curiosity, Jim. The frame rate exactly matched the spoke rotation of the wheels when you pulled across to the side, although the rim decal was flashing so the wheel was not doing full turns each frame. If the frame rate was 25/second, with 5 spokes, and if the wheel is turning 1/5th turn for each frame or each 25th of a second, it would be turning 5 times per second. The tire circumpherence is 2.086mm about, so that comes to 10.4 m/s, which is 37.5 kph, which is 23.46 mph. So I guess the frame rate is 12, 13 or 24 or 25!! 🙂


    1. Interesting, the camera frame rate was 30 fps. Who knows what processing does? That clip was played at 1X, so near your 24 or 25 fps. I had not viewed with that lever of curiosity. I wondered why Jim pulled out, unless it was to give Mari food of drink.Glad he did. That is some of the better footage. Thanks! –jim


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