AR.Drone ~ FlightRecord version 1.0.1 is up! [w, sample video]



Maria Parker ~ Vendetta Century ~ My GoPro On to Turn #3 Video

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Cycling Experiences… Blog Statistics ~ The last 18 days


Eighteen Days of StatsThe last 18 days [09/22 through 10/07] have been fulfilling as they relate to readers of this blog. Sixteen of those eighteen days, the number of pageviews [PVs] has been over 400.—distributed as 6 days in the 400s; 4 days in the 500s; 3 days in the 600s; 2 in the 700s, and 1 day of 901. The average daily pageviews is 544 for the period, this as we close in on our next major milestone of 200K pageviews.

My spreadsheet predictor says that could be the week of October 17th. I appreciate your frequent visits and your multiple page reads. The numbers are not as big as some blogs, yet they are very good for this blog. Our average pageviews for nearly 2 years is up 5 points to 290 PVs because of this 18-day period. My goal for year-3 is to raise the average to above 300 PVs and hold it there for the year. With your support, we will do just that. Thanks and please keep reading. –jim

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