AR.Drone News ~ Firmware Update, 1.3.3., 10/05

AR.Drone Logo Yesterday, many “happy” AR.Drone owner learned Parrot has updated firmware for the AR.Drone. Their hope is that it fixes the dreaded auto-ascend problem that has plagued many owners. There is no change log currently available. So, it is difficult to know exactly what has been changed. The AR.DroneĀ  Flyers Forum has a thread [as does the German Forum].

Key information from the AR.Drone Flyers

Team Rwanda ~ 19th Commonwealth Games Delhi, India

logo2010_10_4-2010_10_4_6_39_47-jpg-31583 Team Rwanda makes a debut at the 2010 Commonwealth Games Posted By: Sam Willis

“Rwanda is a name that reminds the world of the destructive genocide that took place in 1994 when over 800,000 people were brutally killed in the systematic violence that prevailed in the country. The ambitious youth of the country, however, wants to make a difference by elevating the reputation of the country in the eyes of the world through tourism and sports. The 19th Commonwealth Games is the perfect platform to do so. The Chef de Mission of Team Rwanda is a young confident man, Bonnie Mugabe who shared his views about how he wants to work for the betterment and rehabilitation of the country by promoting sports.”

In addition to cycling in the games, Rwanda is competing in athletics, swimming and boxing. I will certainly follow cycling and will report on the other events. The games are underway.

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Out of Africa ~ Team Rwanda, National Cycling Team, 10/06/10

Team Rwanda Cycling Website
  Team News:

These Rwandan athletes are riding for their country, and awareness of the Rwandan situation. Word is spreading about this new “Team Rwanda”, the first ever national Rwandan cycling team.
Join them on this journey.

I also follow Team Rwanda on twitter [Project Rwanda]

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