AR.Drone ~ FlightRecord: NextGen video encoding routine

This from All About Jake, the author of FlightRecord,
and what he says about the next version of this app. [Related AR.Drone Flyer’s Thread]

FlightRecordThis is a demo of the next version of FlightRecord’s encoding routine. (Not the current version in the queue for Apple’s approval) *Now Approved*

The OLD code has a hard coded 15fps. However the drone doesn’t always provide exactly 15fps. This means that the video plays back faster than it should.

This version assigns an actual time code to each frame. While this makes the video jump or skip when a frame is delayed, it results in the video being truer to what you see in the camera view from the iPhone app.


AR.Drone ~ FlightRecord Video [from users], 10/04

Comment and video by buffythesaint on YouTube

FlightRecordI downloaded an app called FlightRecord for my iPhone controlled AR Drone. It records the flight from the front or bottom camera. The front camera is a 15fps camera and the video ends up choppy. I tried not to move too fast for better quality. It does look funny though when the Drone picks up some speed. This video has not been altered and is what came directly off my iPhone.


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