AR.Drone Apps ~ Now there are four [4]

FreeFlightDroneControlFlight RecordPowerFlight

The first four apps for the Parrot AR.Drone

The number of apps available for the AR.Drone seem to be “rapidly” increasing. Of course, not as fast as drone owners want—then there’s the much desired app for drone wars. The 3 new apps are getting lots of buzz on the interwebs. The newest is from AR.Max, Germany

AR.PowerFlight, $0.99, by a German iPhone & iPod Touch developer, is based on the FreeFlight App by Parrot, but has more exiting features:

  • Save snapshots in the app’s documents folder
  • Set snapshoot  frequency [1-60 seconds]
  • Logs Navdata as csv file. Analyze it later with QtiPlot (Shareware)
  • See current altitude in meters and centimeters
  • Transferred snapshots & logs to a Mac/PC using iTunes

Update 1.0.1, pending approval, fixes bugs and optimizes performance. It adds retina graphics and iOS 3.1.3 support for the iPad.

 Also see this vid.

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