After the ride ~ Maria Parker’s Vendetta Century, 10/01


Mike Zagorski joins BROL as mzagorski to respond to members

Mike in Air Sir, you get an A+ for joining. Thanks! I know members are really interested in getting your perspective on both Cruzbikes you have ridden and how you felt today during your record attempt.

What a fantastic opportunity this is. You may or may not know. I am a roadie as well, yet I ride recumbents for the fun of it. I’m treated well by locals and BROL members. Glad you have posted comments there and that you will respond to specific questions.

I appreciate what you are doing. –jim

Mike Zagorski’s Vendetta Century, White Oak, NC, Laps 1 & 2

The end of Lap #1

Mike Zagorski’s Vendetta Century, White Oak, NC, a few pics…


Mike Zagorski’s Vendetta Century, White Oak, NC,10/02/2010

Mike Zagorski left Maria's Loop

Mike Zagorski, Honolulu, O’ahu, Hawaii, USA [He’s a Scot]


BROL Thread ~ Cruzbike Thread


   100 Mile Record

Mike called it a day at just over 50 miles. Today was not the day for this rider on this bike to break Dan  McGehee’s world record. Note, his average speed is 23+ mph for a “new-to-the-bike” rider. That is not shabby. I give my congratulation to him for his effort. More time on the Vendetta may have produced a different result. We will have to see where this goes. I hope Dr. Parker will add comments to this. Thanks to those of you who followed. –jim