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Reviewing the stats, the majority of CE’s visitors today read articles pertaining to Maria Parker. It was a good day for this blog, with 901. THANKS! Here is the map of stars. Reset at midnight EDT for Mike Zagorski’s big century on the Cruzbike Vendetta.


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Mike Zagorski ~ the 2nd Vendetta Century, White Oak, NC, 10/02


Meet Mike
Meet Mike
Meet Mike

Well, we saw what Maria Parker did yesterday. Soon, Michael Z. will have his turn. You read background info I published [or may now]. Mike is new to recumbents, just over a month and that on a Cruzbike Silvio and now, for the record, looks like it will be a double for the Vendetta. Dr. Jim Parker says:

It’s looking like a 99% probability Mike Z. will be riding the Vendetta. He got to see first hand how it slices through the wind, and if the wind is anything like it was today, he’ll need that feature. I watched him make some practice rides on it this afternoon, and he went from being a little awkward at first, to looking like a pro in about 15 minutes.

Although I caught back shots of Mike on Maria’s day, tomorrow the camera & focus will be on this champion. If you have not checked his blog, please do so. His resume, is impressive. I like his bikes too. Stay tuned my friends, I think we are in for an interesting Saturday. Yes, Maria will be there to cheer him on. The excitement is scheduled to begin at 5:30 a.m. EDT.  I’ll be there. See ya…

Maria Parker ~ metrics ~ Vendetta Century, 10/01

The look of a Champion The Champion's Metrics

The weather was tough ~ Maria perservered

Maria Parker ~ Another video short [47 seconds]

Maria in the final yards
The bike she rode--Cruzbukke Vendetta

It is unofficial; but, it looks like she did it—reset her 100-mile record to 4hrs, 27 min, & 19sec Congratulations Maria Parker!!!

AR.Drone ~ Flight Record App from All About Jake, APPROVED


I just read on the AR.Drone Fryer’s Forum that the much desired app that allows video from the front camera to be recorded has been approved.

Congratulations to Jake!

Now, if only I had an AR.Drone. Today may have been a good day to record Maria Parker as she rode a record century. No, it was too windy.

Maybe my time will come at some point.

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Maria Parker ~ a record reset–4 hrs, 27 min, & 19 sec

Maria Parker (2)

Although not official yet, Maria Parker rode a Cruzbike Vendetta for a century (100 miles) in the time you see above. She bested the record she set for the same distance last year. There she rode 12 hours for just over 241 mile. That a bunch on a bike folks. Congratulations to Maria and her crew.

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100 mile record reset attempt

The official course time [to be certified] is 4 hours, 27 minutes, and 19 seconds.

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