AR.Drone ~ FlightRecorder App from All About Jake

FlightRecorder icon If you are excited about the flying an AR.Drone; but, you want the ability to  record video from the front on-board camera, then a solution may be on the way and soon. It’s called FlightRecorder FlightRecord. It is from All About Jake and has been submitted to Apple for approval. Symon, the creator of AR.Drone Flyers, is certainly excited. He has tested the app and has sent me his review. Check it out!

FlightRecorder iconThis is hopefully the first test of many Applications for the AR Drone. As we know the SDK from Parrot is open-source allowing anyone with knowledge of the iPhone SDK has the ability to create utilities and games.  The first item for to test is ‘FlightRecorder‘ ‘FlightRecord’. It’s not a little ‘black box’ but video recorder and flight application.

It requires the user to carry out the usual connection routine before starting the application. That of starting in Airplane mode, enabling Wi-Fi, and then connecting to the AR.Drone. Once this usual procedure is out of the way, then it’s time load FlightRecorder.

Flight Recorder Intro When loading you are greeted with a very brief ‘not endorsed by Parrot’ blurb, then you are placed in the Video Library. Here you’ll start to notice the theme coloring which will match your AR.Drone. The Library gives you options to export and play your recorded flight once you have saved files. A quick tap of the ‘Go Fly!’ just made me a little more excited as I’ll soon be flying my AR.Drone and recording where I’ve been and what I’ve seen. Genius!

FlightRecorder SlideAll the buttons on the screen are what we’re used to in the same place. Except for the little arrow on the left to take you back to the Library. FlightRecorder Lib So, I adjusted the settings to which all the setting are the same as ‘FreeFlight’ so you wont have to spend time trying to figure out how to use this control your AR.Drone with this app.

FlightRecorder SettingsI took off and flew about as you see in the videos below. When you finish the flight, you can go back to the Library where your flight has been recorded, sans the buttons on the screen. Selecting your recorded flight gives you the option to playback or export to the Camera Roll.

The only let down is not from the app, but from the AR.Drone. Seriously ,15fps over Wi-Fi!


Overall, I am very impressed with the quality, given Parrot’s restrictions. This useful utility is just the tip of the iceberg of what the AR.Drone can do. The developer is looking to charge about $5.00 for FlightRecorder and It’s still work in progress.

Symon [AR.Drone Flyers Thread]

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19 thoughts on “AR.Drone ~ FlightRecorder App from All About Jake”

      1. Hi Mike,

        Thanks! That’s a good price. I wonder what it cost to ship and if there is a VAT? Please give us a link to the store. I searched for ardronesales, but did not get a useful hit. I appreciate it. –jim


        1. That is there email where you can Contact them, I believe it Include shipping cost / VAT. Last week when i bought mine, I paid 200USD Including delivery to my Address in Northern Ireland.


          1. Not Fair. I paid 300USD for mine. Thats the going price over here and they are only available through Brokstone. I pre-orderd mine and also it arrived with a malfunction in the front right motor and had to be RMA’d the first day.. so sad. My friend bought one in the store and it works fine though. Happy flying!


            1. Oh sad story!!!

              Over here there is no Pre-Order cause they have some available to sale. Once you make payment, they proceed to shipping immediately. Mine work fine and perfect Steve. and am still enjoying it up to date. You can still Order from them, it Plus for you man…..


              1. Good for you Mike, Again I await a reply from the email address you gave me. I also have to consider warranty and return ease. I’ve been with Amazon for about 8 years. Thanks for your encouragement. –jim


  1. Hi Joe,

    $300 USD and you currently need an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad. Android support my come soon. That is my reading for now. You can purchase at of Brookstone. As to Wi-Fi, its really running the app that is necessary. It expect developers will give us other opportunities. Thanks for asking. –jim


  2. Just back from a holiday in Florida, Picked up my ARDrone from Brookstones for $299 USD. Managed to fit it in my suitcase and it arrived home in one piece.

    Really loving it so far, although I’ll be needing another battery and a better charger, think I’ll use my LRP charger from my R/C Cars, should charge the battery better than the 0.9amp charger included.

    This flightrecorder app looks really good. Was considering mounting a small SD camera for recording, but I would love to try this app first.


    1. Good for you Raymond. Even with the FlightRecorder, I can see the benefit of a Micro-SD Camera. At least until the frame-rate of the front camera is increased. Thanks for commenting and enjoy flying. –jim


        1. Mike, Mike, I have contacted them. I did so on the day I said I did. They have NOT responded as I have said. Maybe the will reply soon. Don’t forget the shipping cost and time for service. –jim

          Sent 09/21


          I was given your email address by a friend. I want to buy a Parrot AR.Drone.

          What is my cost $USD, including shipping and any other fees, to have a drone shipped to zipcode 28301 in the USA?

          I want a Orange and blue. Do you prefer PayPal or credit card for payment?

          I’d like a link for your store so I can place it in my blog. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

          I am,



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