AR.Drone Modding ~ Conversion by AR.Pilot, 09/16

Jorg Schmidt For several days, I have been following AR.Pilot conversion of a Parrot AR.Drone to a totally different creation. I showed you some of his work in an earlier article. Yep, I’ve joined a 3rd forum—the German Forum— that I introduced along with AR.Pilot’s pictures. I’m getting some understanding of content by using Google translate.

Anyway, it is truly amazing to see what Jörg Schmidt—AR.Pilot [he also has a Facebook presence] does with the AR.Drone. BTW, I also follow his video channel on YouTube. There is interesting stuff there. I have shown several of his vids in my sidebar.

But, I digress. This piece is about the conversion or modification of the Parrott creation to one that alt least looks different—quite different actually. Details are in this forum thread.


AR.Drone conversion by AR.Pilot

AR.Pilot photo-171-52673e64 AR.Pilot photo-186-26bbf231 Back Camera

Author: jalexartis

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2 thoughts on “AR.Drone Modding ~ Conversion by AR.Pilot, 09/16”

  1. Jörg says:

    • The aim of the renovation ‘s it is:
    • Reducing the Wind vulnerability of the Drone
    • To give on the board existing antennas more Receptions
    • To achieve a better ventilation of the Drone
    • Electronic decoupling of the battery holder
    • To provide protected space for extra – Cam’s
    • A better look of the AR.Drone
    • Increase the total weight of the conversion ‘s not the original opposite/to reduce, at best


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