iPhone Cycling Apps

Bi.Cycle Cyclemeter MotionX GPS
B.iCycle ~ $9.99 Cyclemeter ~ $4.99 MotionX GPS ~ $2.99


Dec 8th 2009: Apple picks B.iCycle as 8th place in the hit list “Best Apps of 2009” in Germany!!
B.iCycle is a next generation cyclometer for your iPhone!!
Cyclemeter turns your iPhone into a powerful GPS stopwatch, giving you feedback and motivation to go farther, become faster, be healthier, and live longer.
➤ Supports iOS 4 and multitasking!
➤ Named Best of Show at Macworld 2010 by Beatweek. ➤ Featured by Apple in What’s Hot in the App Store.
✔ See your position and tracks anywhere in the world on fast live MotionX open topographic and road maps.
✔ Option for Course-up maps.
✔ Direction-up maps integrated with the iPhone digital compass.
✔ Google and Bing Road, Satellite and Hybrid maps, for a total of eight map choices.
✔ No other app offers a bigger selection of maps.

I think we are of 3 minds when it comes to the use of cyclometers:

  1. Those who do not use and can care less about metrics associated with riding. They see these gadgets as pure distraction from the pleasure of riding.
  2. Those who want ever bit of data, including power, irrespective of cost, so they know if the day’s ride was better or worst than a previous ride. Many pass the data on to a cycling coach so they can reach higher levels of performance. Then, there are those who want the packages the “big boys” use and will review the data for their own consumption. This category of riders tend to want a dedicated cyclometer, such as the Garmin Edge 800 introduced in my two recent articles [New Gadget ~ The Garmin Edge 800 & Garmin Edge 800 In Depth First Look Review ~ DC Rainmaker].
  3. The last group want many of the same thing the second group want, but at a lower cost. They look for a device such as a Smartphone, the potential “do all” machine.

The 3 apps above are to introduce you to 3 of the popular iPhone apps from the iTunes Apps Store. I happen to have them and a few more cycling apps [and there are scores more  available at the app store]. This is also a popular link.

I’m not able to find a “most popular” or “best” iPhone app. I think riders like features of one more than another and that varies. I’m not ready to commit to one over the other. Hey, I’m still using my Garmin Edge 305. Deciding which which cyclometer for you may become more difficult as Smartphones get smarter and devices like the Edge mimics some of their characteristics. There are iPhones and apps that now give you ANT+ functionality. I think the technology future is bright. Of course, if you are of the 1st mind, you do not care.

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