Cycling Experiences… Sidebar Video ~ YES!

Sidebar Video I’ve wanted this since I began blogging with [November 30, 2008]. Now I have it and I’m really happy about it. I found how to on the Widgets Forum in this thread [ Images and icons- Coraline ]. Thanks to the contributors and especially panaghiotisadam, a Forum Volunteer,  who tells us how to do it. It is more technical than I understand, you I am able to have my YouTube Videos play in my sidebar. The history on this is a matter of security concerns for WordPress. I respect that and only hoped that one day I could. That day is today! This is the code in my text wizard:SB Video ShortCode I will rotate video periodically. Jus select play to begin watching in your browser. I hope you like this feature.

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

8 thoughts on “Cycling Experiences… Sidebar Video ~ YES!”

  1. Well, the sidebar video has stopped for some reason. My testing says it is not a sidebar problem, nor is it a browser problem. I’m trying to pinpoint the source. Hopefully, I can resolve. Thanks!


  2. Maybe this is the issue [posted on the forum by me]:

    I hope this helps.

    I verify my blog works with 6 browsers. One of them–SeaMonkey displays this message: “No hotlinking please.” If that is what we are doing, I do not know. I certainly do not want to “steal.” I have sent an email to gigya asking for assistance. I signed up to use their services yesterday. Their coding will work for blogs–not blogs.

    I’m awaiting their contact.


    I looking for resolution…


    1. The exact cause of the problem has not been given. Here is a comment from one of the support staff:

      Not sure what’s up with gigya shortcodes yet, but we’re looking into it. Keep in mind it’s a 3rd party service. We need to dig a little to find out what’s causing the trouble.


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