Cycling Experiences… Sociable [Networking] Links

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Maybe, I’m on a roll. For several days I have wanted the 3 icons above, and in the sidebar, to lie beside each other. To do so, place HTML in a text widget, save it, and that’s it. I did that and the icons did not show—only links to the respective sites. I even asked support for help—no answer yet. Anyway, my reading today says what I did will work. I tried it again and now it works. I wonder why it did not before. It is the same code. I saved it. Interesting…

Cycling Experiences… Sidebar Video ~ YES!

Sidebar Video I’ve wanted this since I began blogging with [November 30, 2008]. Now I have it and I’m really happy about it. I found how to on the Widgets Forum in this thread [ Images and icons- Coraline ]. Thanks to the contributors and especially panaghiotisadam, a Forum Volunteer,  who tells us how to do it. It is more technical than I understand, you I am able to have my YouTube Videos play in my sidebar. The history on this is a matter of security concerns for WordPress. I respect that and only hoped that one day I could. That day is today! This is the code in my text wizard:SB Video ShortCode I will rotate video periodically. Jus select play to begin watching in your browser. I hope you like this feature.