My Fantastic [and special] Friends

Several of my friends are making financial donations to help me get home. If you read from last Tuesday, you will see I am not a part of the tour I was invited to ride on and that several of my friends donated to because of me. Sandy [BROL’s CycleBreeze] posted this on the thread I started at the request of many.

Jim, a *contribution* question for you…

…but before I get to it want to say that it’s GREAT that you and Fargo are on the move again!! Am looking forward to your next report on how things are going…hopefully you will NOT have anymore mechanical issues.

On to my question now. Pat took Dandy to our favorite LBS yesterday for some *emergency* work, plus Dandy will be going back again sometime next week to get new Avid BB7 brakes, and a check-up. Anyways, this little unexpected trip/expense got us to thinking about the unexpected challenges you’ve ran in to yourself, plus the fact that you aren’t receiving any financial assist from the original tour plans from what we can gather.

Sooooo, at the risk of embarrassing you, Pat and I would like to know if there is a way we can financially contribute a little to help defray some of your expenses on this new tour? Do you have a PayPal account, or something we can contribute through? The way we see it, with you no longer benefiting financially from the original tour why should all those New Englanders and East coast folks be your only helping hands…err angels? Hey man, we want to get in on this too!!! Anyways, how ’bout it…is there a way Pat and I, and others who may want to help, can financially pitch in toward the ‘Fargo Tour’???


Edit: Didn’t see your post that you were having a problem with a rub on the right side. Hope it’s something easily fixed!

Sandy & Pat, as well as others have made monetary contributions. I deeply appreciate what they are doing. Of course, I have unexpected expenses: some relating to quad transport and repair; shipping; food & lodging. Here is my reply to Sandy’s request:

Thumbs up Hi Sandy [CycleBreeze] & Pat

How generous of you to offer to help this cyclist. I guess I need not say I am incurring unexpected expenses as I make my way home. I want to say thank you for the offer; but, I will manage. This time, I’m afraid, I’ll have to accept your generosity. There are yet many miles to travel and many unknowns. It is very kind of you and Pat to do this for me. I am fortunate to have you as friends. Yes, I have a PayPal account. I’ll get you the information. MANY THANKS!!! –jim

Thanks to all who are coming to my aid. I’ll continue to cycle, with the intent or returning my quad home. I feel well. I’m riding strong. Regrettably, the cycle I am riding is slower than I want. We will improve the model so that faster speed ate attainable. I knew we would have issues–the question was how sever. I expected more speed. You participation here makes you a member of a team that is developing an HPV that could well be viable for touring as well as commuting. Thanks for reading this and your consideration.


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5 thoughts on “My Fantastic [and special] Friends”

  1. Sandy says:

    Thumbs up Thank *you* Jim for allowing us all to help!!
    Pat and I got your info and our contribution has been sent! We will enjoy this thread even more knowing we are also a part of the ‘Fargo Tour’ in a small way…*thank you* for giving us the opportunity! Wish the circumstances had of been different, BUT you have been demonstrating so *eloquently* how to take a bad situation and turn it into an *adventure*. I’m sure that Pat and I aren’t the only ones learning about touring, as well as getting to share in the experience with Fargo…albeit, you’re doing all the work! It’s also great getting to read about the wonderful folks you are introducing to us on your journey. *Awesome*! And it’s great to see others jumping in to help! Friends are a wonderful…glad Pat and I are considered a couple of them! Thank you.

    Okay, off to read the article about the rub. TTYL.

    Edit: *Ouch*…that’s quite a rub. Hope your temporary fix makes a big difference and no further damage will occur! Gives a new meaning to burning rubber, doesn’t it?


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