My cycling experiences on tour, the math

The question is: When will I get home? If I can ride at least 31 miles per day, I should arrive in Fayetteville, North Carolina in 29 more days. I can also end my riding in Richmond, Virginia a week sooner. Given my expenses, I may do that. I also have the option of lightening the load in Richmond and riding to Fayetteville in 2 days, or a total of 24 days. This plan assumes no rest days. My effort is to minimize my expenses.

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2 thoughts on “My cycling experiences on tour, the math”

  1. Jim given your desire to reduce costs. Any thought to renting a van and driving Fargo home to work on from the comfort of your garage? The trabsportation costs even with returning the van and busing home would probably be less than 31 days of meals and accomodation. That would let you do the necessary repairs/mods at home where you have tools and supplies.

    I once bailed on a tour because I was overloaded with gear. Rather than suffer for a month I went home and adjusted my setup than had a much more enjoyable tour at a later date. I’m glad I did.

    If you are having a lot of fun I’d stay on the road, but if not there is no shame in calling it a day and planning a new tour once Fargo MK2 is ready.


    1. Thank Vik,

      Yes, I have considered that and I give it more consideration daily. The problem with a van is that is has to be turned in in the state rented. I had to do that at the beginning of the tour. That is not the case with a U-Haul Truck, but they are much more expensive. Th ride and experience is fun–the pace is so much less than I accustomed to, and therefore very disappointing. I’ll reevaluate tonight. –jim


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