Fargo Trailer ~ Fit for a Tour

Trailer Flags Collage

Author: jalexartis

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7 thoughts on “Fargo Trailer ~ Fit for a Tour”

  1. Fit, except for the SMV Emblem. I hope to pick it up by Friday 03/12. Please note in this collage some of the pictures show the light on, and other off. Who would not give clear berth to a trailer with patriotic flags.

    I lowered the flag poles 9″ to ensure the flags are in the field of view of the driver of a low automobile. I do not want them to think I have passed when they see the quad clear and cut into my trailer because it is below their field of view.

    I am using four 12″ x 18″ flags. I had to order from 3 companies to get the flag I want [USA, Betsy Ross, North Carolina, and U.S. Army Retired]. I have 3 different mounting methods. From a distance, I think they make a good presentation.

    Your comments please.



  2. Bravo! The trailer looks great with the flags! You’ve done an excellent job bringing this part of the project to fruition! It looks like all that is missing is the SMV triangle.

    – Zeke


  3. Jim,

    Your trailer is awesome! What are your thoughts about the light that you mounted on the flag pole? Is it enough for a standalone light or is it just icing on the cake?



    1. Tanks David,

      Icing on the cake. I’ll only use them in the dark. The DiNottes are the principal trailer light–low on the trailer and high on the quad. I’m thinking the flagpole lights will be the tallest of the lights. I’m still thinking about automating them. I just do not know if I want to spend the time and effort this year. Take care. –jim


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