Ride for the Republic ~ 2010

Mr. Giraldo Tour Announcement I am pleased to be joining Rafael Giraldo on his 2010 cycling tour from Bar Harbor, Maine to Key West, Florida beginning June 14, 2010. My blog viewers and BROL members who followed Mr. Giraldo last year recall my “coverage” of his 2009 Tour of Discovery from San Francisco, California to Weston, Florida. I rode with him the last 2 days of that tour. The 1st day, I rode my RANS Citi Crank Forward [Faye]. The 2nd day, I rode my Catrike 700 [Silk].

Scheduled delivery ~ April 2010 This year, I’ll ride a quadricycle, built and customized by Utah Trikes [Ashley Guy]. This cycle is based upon my ideas, refined by BROL Members and Ashley [also a BROL Member]. Notable, are Captain Creeg’s concept drawings. With them, I was able to give Ashley a clearer vision of the cycle I want. BROL members continue to contribute to the creation of this unique touring cycle. Thanks to all!

Okay, the tour. You have seen Rafael’s [Mr. Giraldo’s] video. You see the tour is not simply a ride from Maine to Florida, but rather an exploration of the 13 Original States of the Union, Maine, The District of Columbia, and Florida. The theme of this tour is Ride for the Republic. It begins in Bar Harbor, Maine, America’s first town to receive the morning sunrays and ends at its southern most point, Key West, Florida.

Some of us waited impatiently for Mr. G’s daily pictures and videos [and especially his video narrations]. This year I’ll give you many live video feeds from my iPhone. During the tour, I’ll post to my blog [cyclingexperiences.com] from the road, as well as our destination for the day. I  will give you less RAAM and Tour de France coverage this year. I’ll do my best to be aware of both and keep the blog flowing with information as I did during my 2006 tour from Fayetteville, North Carolina to Key West, Florida.

Stay tuned for as exciting experiences with Rafael & Jim as we get our tour on…


    Rafael Tour Intro Video

    Thanks to Rafael for this opportunity to experience America with him. –jim

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