Quad cargo hauling capability ~ Utah Trikes

2010 UTC Quad Front View [photo from Utah Trikes]

As structured, cargo can be supported on the rear axle and immediately behind the seat, maybe with a seat bag of some type. For the purpose I have in mind, I’m thinking additional weight-bearing surfaces will be good for touring. Will a floorboard of sorts work here? For several days now, I have envisioned a surface parallel to the ground between the cross arm and the rear axle with cutout for the turning radius of the front wheels & fender, the main tube, and the drive train.

Such a board will give additional space to haul “stuff” [boxes, bags, equipment as well as a place to sit a coke, sandwich, fruit, etc.]. It would keep road spray & splatter down; give me a way of routing wiring that would be hidden from the top; and, give me a surface to hook side-curtains [if desired].  For my quad, it may even give a mounting base for rear fenders.

Now, I wonder what Ashley Guy, Utah Trikes Custom Shop thinks of the idea???

Off to Ashley…

Ashley says:

That would be easy to do.

A lightweight aluminum or fiberglass floor plate would be easy to implement.

I’ll be able to dedicate some time to this over the New Years weekend and will put together some renderings.

Ashley Guy

I ask:

Thanks Ashley,

Your response is a relief. Will it be strong enough for me to stand [not a requirement] on at 195 lbs and lighter to be?



Ashley replies:

really depends on if you want it to be or not.

a framed aluminum assembly could be.

a lightweight fiberglass plate would not.

…and I say:

I think to safe-side it, I should have it as strong as possible, providing, I’m not adding to much weight. Also, cost may be a factor. In terms of rendering, go strongest and let me know the cost. Thanks!!!  –jim

I guess this is: Quad ~ Special Requirement #3

Earlier request of Ashley Guy, Utah Trikes:

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      6 thoughts on “Quad cargo hauling capability ~ Utah Trikes”

      1. Hi Jim
        this QUAD stuff is developing so fast….super!
        My quad’s frame is doing away with the convertibility trike/quad.
        Remove the fork and much of the center rear tube.
        Add 1-1/2″structural parallel tubes between front X-arms and rear-lower Axle Bridge . Its now a box frame rather than I frame. (use S&S couplers to separate front/rear for packing?)

        That will nicely accommodate my now mandatory pan thus fenders (great idea) AND it is strong like a bull. I could jump up-and-down on it.


        1. Good to see your face with your comments. Am I understanding that you are now adding a floor plate? If so, how will that work with your break-down for transport?

          Yep, things can go fast some times. I’m ready. My fast-paced 24-year Army life prepared me for this. Bring it on…



          1. First you and Ashley will figure out a floor-plate. Then Ill get involved.
            Maybe yours will work straight out. I’ll get one. Maybe I’ll have to do some figuring. Mind if I benefit from your learning curve? I too have till May.
            Anyway the plate visualizes so good, it is embedded in my planning.


      2. I have no doubt. I have ideas. Ashley will implement. His CAD machine will do it right the first time. I’m thinking metal with groves [or flat] and then non-slip material [the black sand paper like material] glued to that. I’m not expecting any error–maybe an adjustment here or there. Just a note: We can extend the cargo area to the rear if more space is needed. The cost is dollars and weight. I plan the keep the 72″ length.


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