Quad cargo hauling capability ~ Utah Trikes

2010 UTC Quad Front View [photo from Utah Trikes]

As structured, cargo can be supported on the rear axle and immediately behind the seat, maybe with a seat bag of some type. For the purpose I have in mind, I’m thinking additional weight-bearing surfaces will be good for touring. Will a floorboard of sorts work here? For several days now, I have envisioned a surface parallel to the ground between the cross arm and the rear axle with cutout for the turning radius of the front wheels & fender, the main tube, and the drive train.

Such a board will give additional space to haul “stuff” [boxes, bags, equipment as well as a place to sit a coke, sandwich, fruit, etc.]. It would keep road spray & splatter down; give me a way of routing wiring that would be hidden from the top; and, give me a surface to hook side-curtains [if desired].  For my quad, it may even give a mounting base for rear fenders.

Now, I wonder what Ashley Guy, Utah Trikes Custom Shop thinks of the idea???

Off to Ashley…

the answer is…