100K Pageviews ~ 12/07

Not forgetting the historical significance of today, December 7th–Pearl Harbor Day, I trust the march to our first 6 figure milestone has been fun, the contest and all. I look to have a blog that is as interactive as possible. You, my readers, have certainly helped make it that way and fun too. So, thanks for all the memories.

Congratulations to the winner [Contestant 3713277]  of the 100K contest. It was fun watching the statistics and their effect on your predictions and my forecast. Now, that this mark has passed, my focus will be on giving you interesting material of a varied type, but based on our cycling experiences.

Thank you for all the "marks on the wall" along the way:

My next mark will be at 125K, and then every 25K thereafter [for the next year].

THANKS Again!!!


Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

2 thoughts on “100K Pageviews ~ 12/07”

    1. Thanks Terry. It was indeed. I’m ready for a break. I’ll not think about numbers for a while. I have a few related post to get up and then take a mental break. I appreciate you and your comments. Happy to see you first. –jim


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