WebCams for SPECTER ~ 12/01

Miffed ~ Monday, 11/30, I spent a considerable amount of time researching video cameras looking for a quality camera that can be used as a webcam [can stream its video] so that cycles are not a blur as they pass and do not jump from position to position.

HDR CX100 I called Sony Sales [I have a Handycam DCR-PC55]. After an extensive hold, I spoke with a very nice lady, who placed me on hold again to get answers to my questions. I was bumped from the hold queue because I was there too long. I was not able to get back to her [I hope she does not think I hung up on her…]. Another sales staffer attempted to help. He gave me 3 Sony Handycams that “will stream” to a USB port. I ordered one of them—the HDR CX100.

Received it today. I can not make it stream—called Sony Technical Support. It does not stream! Now if sales only spoke with tech spt before incorrect information is rendered, maybe this would not happen. In the bottom of my heart, I’d bet the first lady would have given me a better answer than the second sales staffer.

After speaking with TS, I spoke with a SS Supervisor. He is researching the problem and will give me a solution by 12/03. The CX100 is a sweet camera. I’d love to keep it, if there is a way it can stream. My research has not found a way. It has to be detected as a imaging device by the operating system. That is a function of the driver. Anyway, maybe I’ll get a call tomorrow, Wednesday, 12/02, and have a better camera than my last purchase to “fix” this problem.


Author: jalexartis

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2 thoughts on “WebCams for SPECTER ~ 12/01”

  1. Hey Jim.. you’re doing a lot of stuff I have dabbled with in the past for my business. One of the best, most light weight choices for real time chat I found was to use Cbox. There’s also lots of live streaming sites out there that include chatting features like Ustream.

    Also it looks like your FPS was really low, not sure if that’s what you intended with the live stream… not the camera’s fault, could be the setting or a slow connection.

    I would consider looking at getting a security camera with a built in web server that allows multicast streaming and remote management for the type of applications you are looking for. (for example)

    HD live streaming is really tricky if that’s what you are looking to do.. and expensive due to bandwidth costs.

    I pretty much came up with the same solution as you by using Webcam xp (7) seemed the simplest route.

    You might consider getting an IP camera with it’s own multicast web server.


    1. Hello AQqua,

      I appreciate your comments. I’m delighted to have an expert available. This endeavor has been by trail and error. Please advise as I move along.

      I know I have a frame-rate problem. I concluded it is light related. I do not find a speed setting in Webcam 7. I have a new Intellinet 802.11n router which will help the Wi-Fi transfer. I need a camera that responds to low-light/infrared anyway. The Sony cameras do that.

      I have an Intellinet Net Camera. My recollection is it is not on WC7’s list. I will explore your suggestions. For SCEPTER, I only need 2 cameras. I want the output on my blog as you see it now. WC7 gives me what I want in that regard.

      I’ll also look at other chat choices. Livestreams is good. I’m not there yet. I am really happy to have input from you. I have also explored Ustream. At this point, I’m settled on WC7.

      So far bandwidth and its cost has not affected me. I know the amount was a possible concern with Livestream. I love their TV setup–just not the flash induced browser crashes.




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