Which font for you? [my quad has a name]

~ In the spirit of the Old West and the days of stagecoaches ~


??? Which font do you think should be used for this HPV Quadricycle ???


Captain Howdy

Captain Howdy

Carnival MF
Carnival MF

Coffee Tin

Coffee Tin


Edmunds Distressed

Edmunds Distressed

Gringo Nights

Gringo Nights




Vanilla Whale

Vanilla Whale


Whistle Stop

Whistle Stop

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Today, my quad was named Fargo

That is Fargo as in Wells Fargo & Company. I choose the name Fargo because the quad has some characteristics of a stagecoach [at least in my mind] and it will be used to ride far [cycling tours]. The images I have of a stagecoach have larger rear wheels to better handle mud & ruts.

stagecoachA Wells Fargo & Co Stagecoach

Should that be the case for my quad. Utah Trikes has a 24” rear—20” front build. I think not for touring. This is to avoid needing to carry 2 different tire & tube sizes. Given that, I plan to stay with 20” wheels around. Now, if Ashley Guy, Utah Trikes gives me compelling reasons to use a 24” wheel, I will reconsider.

Fargo it is ~ the name for my quad

Today Vern [BROL Member] began a “Do you name your steeds?” thread. The responses are worthy of your read. Well, until this thread, I had not found a name that works for me for the quad. Today it happened—Fargo!

Here is my BROL post on Vern’s thread: [Do you name your steeds?]

Lightbulb Some…

I currently have 7 cycles, 2 with names:

Silk–my Catrike 700: [The S & K are the first letters of Schwartz Katz–German for Black Cat. The two other letters make it a word, meaning smooth, elegant, etc. This use of the short-term is a speed short code for blogging and forums–works for me.


Faye–my RANS Citi Crank Forward: [an abbreviation of my hometown
–Fayetteville]. I removed the manufacturer’s graphic and thought the bike looks better with a cursive font–same font my hometown uses. This short code again works extremely well in writing.
The other five will likely remain nameless–they are not referred to that frequently.

I am in the planning stage of a quad from Utah Trikes for touring. I’ve been considering a name for it–nothing until this thread. I thought of Sonny–a childhood nickname that would have been used to denote the use of solar power–did not stick for me. Today Fargo–the quad reminds me of a stagecoach from years back, a.k.a Wells Fargo. Also, what a cool name for a cycle that will “go far” [like thousands of miles] on tours. So Fargo it is–another wonderful short code.

Thanks Vern for the thread; and, no, I am not demented [for others who are curious].

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Here we go ~ 12/30 Live Video Stream Ride

[qik url=”http://qik.ly/xVMg” width=”425″ height=”319″]


~ The Garmin Connect Activity Player or the Ride ~

Vodpod videos no longer available.

RAM or NOT! ~ 12/30

RAM-B-149Z-AP6U If you watched my iPhone live streams yesterday, you saw my camera fall several times and heard me say I’d likely get a RAM Mount to resolve the problem. A RAM handlebar mount for a bike cost $34.50 plus shipping. RAM has very good mounts. I have several.

I do not think this is the best solution where a rider needs to adjust the phone’s position to shoot video. Loosing the handle releases friction on the balls, the phone moves, as well as the mount.

I looked for another solution and the possibility of  saving $45 – $50 and is safer to operate. So RAM—NOT!

IPhone in OWLE Bubo, on custom tripod head Going to my resource of non-throwaways, I retrieved one of my cheap tripods [used it last to hold my tablet PC; removed the  tripod head; and then began to figure out how to make it work for me. I want functionality for the quad, my uprights, and my Catrike 700—Silk. Well, I think this will work. The quad setup has to be tested. I’ll use a boom to allow for both near and somewhat distant shots. More on that later.

For the Citi, here are more pictures: [also flickr]

of course, there’s more…

Thanks for a 432-Pageview Day ~ 12/29

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Quad cargo hauling capability ~ Utah Trikes

2010 UTC Quad Front View [photo from Utah Trikes]

As structured, cargo can be supported on the rear axle and immediately behind the seat, maybe with a seat bag of some type. For the purpose I have in mind, I’m thinking additional weight-bearing surfaces will be good for touring. Will a floorboard of sorts work here? For several days now, I have envisioned a surface parallel to the ground between the cross arm and the rear axle with cutout for the turning radius of the front wheels & fender, the main tube, and the drive train.

Such a board will give additional space to haul “stuff” [boxes, bags, equipment as well as a place to sit a coke, sandwich, fruit, etc.]. It would keep road spray & splatter down; give me a way of routing wiring that would be hidden from the top; and, give me a surface to hook side-curtains [if desired].  For my quad, it may even give a mounting base for rear fenders.

Now, I wonder what Ashley Guy, Utah Trikes Custom Shop thinks of the idea???

Off to Ashley…

the answer is…