In celebration of our 1st year

November 30, 2008, marks the date that we started blogging here with a single blog versus the multiple blogs I published at for several years. November 30, 2008, ended with 70 pageviews. It has now been a year, and 97,966 pageviews later [during standard time, my statistical day ends at 11:00 p.m.]. Thank you for your loyalty and support during the year. I hope that I continue to merit your viewership.

In reflection of the year, here are your top-10 stories:

2,839 Pageveiws
Luv my iPhone, but what to do in the rain
This story is about a no-cost alternative to protecting an iPhone from the rain. The photo was picked up by Gizmodo and the rest is history.
1,683 Pageviews
46-seconds of Maria Parker in action
This story is about Maria Parker’s ride to a world record as she rode a Silvio Cruzbike for 12 hours and 241+ miles. Amazing that I captured 46 seconds of her ride with my iPhone, posted it and the rest is history.
Catrike 700 [Silk]
Silk on the prowl
This story is about my Catrike 700 [CT7225] named Silk and the fascination with it. This is a static page on my blog.

It was #1, until bumped by the 2 stories above.

iPhone 3GS mount for 2 of my 7 cycles
This story is about mounting and adapting my iPhone 3GS to two of my seven cycles using two different types of mounts. The mounts are both functional and secure. The photos helped the story.
1,229 Pageviews
Velokraft VK2
Velokraft VK2
My beloved low-racer and another static page is now 5th on the all time pageviews list.
1,193 Pageviews
Maria Parker’s World Record Quest ~ 10/1
World Record Spreadsheet
Maria Parker’s accomplish is simply amazing and I was there to cover it as a blogger. I am not surprised the 2 of the top 5 stores are about her ride.

Congratulations MP!!!

1,128 Pageviews
Reasons to buy a Catrike
This story expresses my reasons to buy a Catrike Trike. My trike is a Catrike 700, shown above in a touring mode. So many times we read what we do not like about a product. I decided to do the reverse.

This picture is of Silk in her touring mode. Now she sits with  a tail fairing [two pictures up].

1,120 Pageviews
So, you want a Crank Forward Bike…
Intro: For years the bicycle industry has been searching for a way to mainstream recumbent bicycles; to make them simpler, easier to ride, easier to sell—without hand-holding, explaining and education that dealers must endure. Some recumbents have gotten less rider-friendly over the years with more reclined seats and higher pedals. The bike industry needed a more comfortable bike — thus the “flat-footed” bike or “crank-forward” bike was born.
DiNotte 1200L Headlight InstalledThis story pre-dates my RANS Citi Crank Forward [called Faye] and gives links to other articles on the Crank Forward bicycle.It has truly been a joy to ride this bike, particularly as a single-speed.
1,114 Pageviews
RAAM ’09 Team RANS
This story is about a 4-man recumbent team who Raced Across America [RAAM] in 2009 and placed first in the 4-man category, getting to the destination before the team riding Diamond Frame bicycles.  They rode the RANS Xstream recumbent bicycle—new to racing.
1,059 Pageviews
RANS Stratus XP
FestiVELO '07
Claxton, GAThis is my “Cadillac.” It is smooth and very comfortable to ride—great for touring. As originally setup, I used it primarily for touring. Now, it is set as a bit of a hotrod.

As we celebrate our 1st year, we move ever closer to the 100K Pageview Milestone. One of our viewers has the closest prediction to the date that will occur and will receive $100 to mark the occasion. Thanks to those who made the 21 predictions. Stay tuned for results of that contest.

Again, thank you for all you do for me and this publication. You make blogging interesting and fun.


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