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I‘m looking to expand our interaction by using Windows Live Messenger. The other chat functions have not worked for me. The Livestream chat was okay. With WLM, at least I’ll see you called. There is also the possibility of audio & video chats. Let’s see where this goes…

I’ve set up a Cycling Experiences… Blog Group. A Windows Live Group is limited to 20 members. Five can be in a group chat at a time. I want to at least try this and see if it works for me.

If it does, I’ll likely setup a group for events that I may blogcast.

Okay, who will be among the first to sign up.



Windows Live Messenger Requirements

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

2 thoughts on “Cycling Experiences… Group”

    1. Thanks Zeke, I was there and saw you within a minute of you joining. I started a “Welcome” discussion. I’ll see how this works. I hope with good function for the blog and ultimately events. Thanks for helping. –jim


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