WebCam Update ~ 11/28

The last 3 days have been intense. First, the realization that my Tablet PC is underpowered for the Webcam task at hand, that of delivering streaming video the Livestream. So, lots of research and a replacement PC is in hand. I’ll call it HP junior.

11-28-2009 ScreenShot Well, I’ve changed my video presentation from Livestream to WebCam 7. While I really liked the features of Livestream Studio, Procast, and Webcaster, they did not integrate easily and I continually had Adobe Flash Crashes. My findings are that if the video device that was there last, is not seen by Flash, there may be a crash. The system may have assigned a different name or whatever—not something I did. I think the system would have worked much better with a single PC and one camera. Anyway, I concluded I need stability.

I spent the better part of Thursday & Friday finding a suitable replacement package. Yesterday [Friday] afternoon, I decided on the WebCam 7 package. It allows you to see video from 4 cameras simultaneously and then select either where you want to see much larger video by going the WebCam 7 viewer.

I have issues to resolve with it. Audio when viewing [my preference id the external viewer to avoid cross-talk]. I have a support request in. Currently, the video does not show in Internet Explorer, but does in Chrome, Firefox, & Safari. Opera displays the video, but with 60Hz lines. Over time, I trust these problems will be resolved.

I’m working on a resolution to both these problems. At least, my software is no longer crashing and I’m more available to blogcast rather than having to be a control room director and fix-it technician. Although I have some issues to resolve; overall, I am pleased with the results thus for.

We have a separate Chat Room and you will be able to directly message me [hate the ads]. I may just change to Windows Messenger. There are other features yet to be revealed. Thanks for your patience and please keep watching. I see exciting things in the future of this project.


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