Windows® 7 on my TPC is UP!

w7 desktop logo

Albeit, slow in getting there [issues installing SP1 for Windows® Vista]. Ultimately [ pun intended], I did a clean install. There was not anything I need to keep for the computer’s current role. I wanted the upgrade experience for future computer jobs.

Well, Procaster from Livestream connects and runs on my TPC, but it is not streaming my video. Plus, the frame rate is much too low [1-3fps].

It looks like my TPC will be back in its mobile bicycling mode and I’ll have to find a faster laptop for the video streaming. It was a good try, but no cigar. Anyone have a laptop with a Dual-Core CPU for sale?

Author: jalexartis

Avid cyclist, who loves photography, technology, blogging & cooking...

2 thoughts on “Windows® 7 on my TPC is UP!”

  1. Sorry to hear that the table didn’t work out. the good news is that today (Black Friday) and Monday (Cyber Monday) offer some of the best prices of the years. I checked Dell’s site this morning and they are offerring some Vostro laptops with Windows 7, dual core, 2 to 4 gig ram, and big hd’s in the $500 – $550 range. I’ll be Tiger Direct has some excellent deals as well.

    I’m toying with thoughts of a new desktop (Dell Optiplex) for my weather station…

    Good luck on the hunting!

    – Zeke


    1. Hi Zeke, I bested Black Friday with an HP Pavilion DM3 purchase from Office Depot Wednesday, 11/25. The price was the best I could find on the Internet, plus with a 13.1″ screen it fits in my box. It also works. I did not post about it yesterday because I’m stuck on an Adobe Flash Player 10 problem with Livestream Studio. My 5 browser all crash. The pointer is to AFP, but I think there is something at the Livestream Studio that is causing the problem. It runs properly on my new laptop. The points to my main LT. I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled multiple times–no solution. I cannot afford to do a clean OS install on this box. Oh well….

      I may still do some live streaming later today, in spite of my Flash problem.




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