Installing Windows® 7 on my TPC

win7logoLate this afternoon, FedEx delivered my repaired Tablet PC. After dinner and a nap, I began the process of installing Windows® 7 Ultimate on my TPC which has Windows Vista Business installed. It was long enough ago that I used it that the Vista SP1 is not installed. Well, to upgrade to W7, SP1, at a minimum must be installed. This will take a while.

I also have the possibility that my TPC is underpowered to be my WebCam Server for Livestream. Their Procaster has a minimum CPU requirement of a Pentium 4 – 3Ghz or Higher / Pentium Core 2 Duo 1.4Ghz or Higher. I have an Intel Pentium Intel® Centrino™ Mobile Technology with the Intel® Pentium® M Processor ULV 733 (1.1GHz) and 2MB of L2 Cache. My 1.1 GHz CPU is less than the stated minimum requirement. It is a matter of testing.

My TPC is not suppose to run Vista or W7. I know it runs Vista. My research says it also runs Windows 7. I have 1.5 GB of RAM. I certainly prefer to use my TPC than to have to purchase a faster "dedicated" laptop now. The effort here is to facilitate the use of WebCams not limited by USB maximum cable length. I’ll operate within the range of the Wi-Fi 802.11DraftN standard or approximately 600 meters for this device. All this to give me enhanced coverage potential for cycling events.

Now it gets interesting…