FINALLY! My Garmin Watch is over…

All of my MotionBased Activities [472] have been migrated to Garmin Connect!  At this point, I cannot tell you when the migration began, but I know it took a long time.

Garmin Watch [monitor the migration of my activities from my MotionBased Digest to Garmin Connect as of 2:18 p.m. 11/23. NO activities remain to be migrated.

Migrated Total MB Activities Total GC Activities
452 452 475
Garmin Connect Garmin Forums

I’m glad it is complete.

My Motion M1400 Tablet PC is due 11/24

I t shipped Friday, 11/20 following repair. This is GREAT news. I can now place the "brains" into my SCEPTER WebCam setup, rid myself of the USB umbilicals that connected the WebCams to my laptop. Now, I’ll confirm the software I will use, as well as the remote desk top function between the two computers.

Yep, I’m excited!