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11-17-2009 4-15-03 PM Stats

Of course, this is with regard to the 100K Milestone Contest [Last Update].

Zeke’s been busy cycling and stuff

ToyRun09_CecilEllen You may recall my cycling friend from western North Carolina rides an upright, some call it a DF [diamond frame]. It is commonly referred to as a BIcycle. Zeke rides a lot. This past weekend, it was riding of a different sorts. Zeke also rides a MOTORcycle. Zeke rode with 2,000 of his and his wife’s [Kathy’s] “closest” friends as they participated in the 18th Annual Haywood County Motorcycle Parade and Toy Run.

ToyRun09_KathyScoutThis year Zeke says: "When final totals are in, we expect to have raised another $14,000.00 in cash and another full Salvation Army Truck load of toys bringing the 18 year old event over the $100,000.00 mark for distribution to local charities serving children."

Zeke tells the story in his blog and gives us lots of pictures. BTW, the lady [Ellen] with Zeke is not his better half, Kathy. She, is in the photograph to the right.

Congratulation to Zeke and Kathy for another successful event and the magical results of your hard work and dedication as two of the event coordinators. Enjoy your cycling, be it BIcycling or MOTORcycling.



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I should get back to the starting point (the base of the South Tower of the Golden Gate Bridge) sometime around 1pm – 3pm, tomorrow, Saturday, November 14.

Albeit, belated! CONGRATS Don. I checked his blog constantly, but did not get his Friday the 13th post until today. I feel like I missed the parade, but this is Don’s. I hope some one or more of you got to cheer him on on Saturday afternoon. What an amazing journey.

See the linked post above and the comments. Don says he will post the final daily blogs. He also says:  "Thanks for following along! It’s been an incredible experience – an experience of a lifetime, and it was nice to have company along the way."

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