iPhone meets SCEPTER ~ 11/16

Photos from my iPhone 3GS, using the OWLE Bubo showing images with no cropping.
A second WebCam added to the boom A second WebCam added to the boom A second WebCam added to the boom A second WebCam added to the boom
Standard Lens 37mm Wide Angle Converter Lens 0.45x/w Macro 37mm 0.5x Wide Angle Lens 37mm 2.0x Telephoto Lens

I took this series of photographs to show one function of the OWLE Bubo—lens holder. It adds versatility to the phone—oh, it is a phone. As a reminder, I received a call during the photo shoot. I did not answer. It was a 888 caller anyway.

The reason for these pictures is that I replaced my initial Creative Labs Live! Cam Optia AF WebCam with a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000. It has superior resolution and frame rate. In addition, I can zoom, and have other nice to have features. What to do with the original WebCam—use it to take vids of the AutoMate [the robot] at work. I have a 29-minute video on Livestream that shows the movement of the AutoMate Robot as taken by the little Creative WebCam. Actually, they can take vids of each other—cute.

This preparation is to give me the capability to live blogcast cycling events such as the Trifecta of World Records in Maria Parker’s 12 hour ride. Next week, I hope to integrate my Tablet PC for WiFi connection with SCEPTEER. The TPC will run both boom WebCams.

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